Thursday, 13 February 2020

Autobiogerphy- by Ofa

L.I- W.A.L.T-to write our biography
Success criteria- I am  successful when I can  write my own biography.

I am Ofa   I am 9 years Birthday is on 7th of April 20 is my birthday.
kolotita and Tuakalau   are my parent . my beautiful mum is kolotita.
and  My strong  Dad is tuakalau  .

My strong brother is kolio, sosefo, leka and Paula. my sisters are Rhonda, liena
uani mele and fe'ao. my  beautiful Aunty  is Aunty liena. my strong uncle is lea leka 
my beautiful parents are kolotita and tuakalau .

My  very very favourite  Book is Goose bumps and my favourite sports is soccer .my favourite music  is New Edition  my  favourite subject is RE and my favourite T.V program is the News 

My  favourite friend are

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