Thursday, 5 December 2019


Kia ora tātou
Greetings all

Kote maunga

Kote awa


toku ingoa
first name

Friday, 2 August 2019

all about jesus

When Mary was inside their house, Mary saw an Angel named Gabriel. He said to Mary “You Are Going to Have a baby. You Will Name Him Jesus”, and then Mary Said  “Yes I will have a baby named Jesus”. Then he was Born. He was also baptised he grew older.Then he made A Blind Man see, and one night when everyone is asleep, He prayed on top of the mountain. Then the soldiers came to arrest him to die on the cross. In the morning he was whacked by a rope. Then the next morning He died on the cross.
On the third day he was risen.

Friday, 26 July 2019

My Imagination of Heaven- By Ofa

Learning Intention We are Learning To Write My imagination  about Heaven.
Success Criteria- I am Successful When I can Write A  Imagination  about Heaven

The meaning behind Christmas Decoration - By Ofa

Learning  to read and understand the meaning of some Christmas  decoration.
Successful when I can read and understand the meaning of some Christmas decoration.

Jack And Ofa -By Ofa

  Learning Intention- W.A.L.T Write a story about  Jack .
Success criteria- I am Successful When I can Write a story About Jack.

 Dear Jack I Invited You 

the tree hut treaty .By Ofa

Learning to  respond  to the tree hut treaty by explaining  Our feelings .

                                               The Tree hut treaty.
There was four kids named jack  crystal Tia and manaia .  I think the tree hut treaty is a good book because  it has capital latter  and full stop  let began I love tree hut treaty  this i By Ofa Makalio  
Alright let get started there was two kids playing at there house  And two kids Playing At there house . there named was jack crystal tia and manaia .manaia and tia came to crystal and jack house to play at there backyard

about mission day By Ofa.

mission day is a calling to  god to do something.
when it mission day we raise money to the orphan in indea

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Alice and the Rabbit- By Ofa

Learning Intention -  we are Learning to    create a story about  Alice and the Rabbit .Success Criteria- Successful When I can create a story about Alice and the Rabbit

 a long  long time ago there Was A little Girl Name Alice She lived with her mother  and her sister.   Alice dis side  to go to a forest Far Far Away . so she ask her mother.  then she went to the  forest. It Took  a long Time to walk. so She  Went to her Car  to drive to the Forest . when She there. she Saw A rabbit .It was So fluffy . 

 Then they Saw A creepy House . The Door Open By It Self  .then They went Inside  the house  and saw a witch  and A Creepy Girl .They Said Why do you Have A bunny?   So they ran out the Creepy House and Ran out the  Forest  and went home  that was scary  Said Alice  Where is my Mother And sister. One day They Came home to have dinner tonight  and about what happened at the forest. that was  scary said Alice.  so  When she was finish   about what happened At the Forest  Her Mother Said to her.  that she going to have her birthday  then they had fun at her birthday  and theylive haply ever after the end.

Why Do We Need to Celebrate Christmas?-By Ofa.

1Learning Intention - Learning to write a explanation  about Why DO We Need to Celebrate Christmas.
 Success Criteria- I am Successful When I Can make A Explanation  about Why Do We Need To Celebrate Christmas.

 I Agree That We Need to celebrate Christmas Because It Is  Jesus Birthday.  Christmas is where  you get present from Santa Claus . Christmas  is the time to have fun  it was a fun  day on christmas


The Iron Man.

Reflection of chapter one of the Iron Man.

This week  we read the first chapter of the iron man ted hug hes  in the chapter we learned a lot about

What  the Iron man look like a Robot . his head is like a dust bin and his head is bigger then a bed room. Hes bigger then a house . his eye was flashing like a light .
I like the Book Because I underxc

The Water Cycle By Ofa And Peter

How Do Season Work

Friday, 10 May 2019

Mothers Day

I love My Mother Because She is The best  Mum. She Makes Me Happy  makes me the best food . I love Mothers Day. On mothers Day I make Her A Card  And She Get Very Happy. she was the Happy Mum  In the world. We are Learning to write about Mothers Day