Thursday, 13 February 2020

part of flowers by ofa

L.I-we are learning about flowers
success criteria- I know I am successful when I can draw a flower and label its part and write their function.

Baptism of Jesus - by Ofa

Timeline tree-by Ofa

Measurement - by Ofa

learning Intention-  measure  Length  distance . 
success criteria. I know I am successful when I can measure  the distance  Length  using my Heel and toe, hand span and ruler.

A Toss the cannon -(My Toss and Measurement)

Heel and toe-10 Heel and toe

Hand span-16 Hand span

Ruler- 4 feet

B  Jump the Plank-(My Jump and Measurement)

Heel and toe- 10  Heel and Toe

Ruler- 4 Feet

Hand span -16  Hand spand

Mum-by Ofa

No one Likes skinny Hens-by Ofa

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Autobiography- by Ofa

L.I - .W.A.L.T.- write Autobiography.
Success Criteria- I am  successful when I can  write my Autobiography using Adjectives.
Hi My name is Ofa I am 9 Years old  I am born in 2001 .My birthday is on April. kolotita and tuakalau are my beautiful Mum is  kolotita and my hansom  Dad is tuakalau.

 My strong  brother is kolio sosefo leka and Paula.My sisters are Rhonda Liena Uani and Mele. My  smart aunty is Liena lahy.

my strong uncle is lea leka. My very favourite  Book is Goose bumps in clown street and  my favourite sport is soccer. 
My favourite subject is RE  and my favourite TV program is the news.

My favourite friends are Augustine Sione Sonasi Jacob Mikey Paul and Eli.


Autobiogerphy- by Ofa

L.I- W.A.L.T-to write our biography
Success criteria- I am  successful when I can  write my own biography.

I am Ofa   I am 9 years Birthday is on 7th of April 20 is my birthday.
kolotita and Tuakalau   are my parent . my beautiful mum is kolotita.
and  My strong  Dad is tuakalau  .

My strong brother is kolio, sosefo, leka and Paula. my sisters are Rhonda, liena
uani mele and fe'ao. my  beautiful Aunty  is Aunty liena. my strong uncle is lea leka 
my beautiful parents are kolotita and tuakalau .

My  very very favourite  Book is Goose bumps and my favourite sports is soccer .my favourite music  is New Edition  my  favourite subject is RE and my favourite T.V program is the News 

My  favourite friend are

Ofa-by Ofa

statistical literacy-by Ofa

Learning Intention-we are learning to write a statement  about The data display.
Success  Criteria-  I know I am successful when I can  write a Statement about the data display.



A Visit to the stone cottage

Prayer- by Ofa.

Learning Intention-we are learning to write a prayer.
Success criteria-I know I am successful when I can write my prayer.

Dear God ,
 Please look  after my  family,  my  friend ,  my aunty Who sick and my uncle.please  look after my gran dad.please look after dad and  my mum. make my  brother and sisters Better and my cousin   and  God please look after me   because  I did something bad.


The Giant Soup-by Ofa

LI-We are Learning  To Ask Questions. 

Success Criteria- I am successful when I can ask Question about the story I read .
The Giant soup.
1 .who was hungry . the giant
2. Where  did The giant  Mother went? on a holiday.
3.Why did the giant caught Jason?because he wants the boy in it.
4. What was Jason  doing  in the soup ? he was going around
5. When did Jason  got caught?he got caught when school was finish 
6. were did Jason drank the soup
in the  pot.  
7.What was the boys name?

lollies-by Ofa


Learning Intention- we are learning to solve math problems.
Success criteria- I am successful when I can solve a math problem.

Monday, Sam and Sylvia share some lollies. Sam has 2 lollies. Sylvia has 4 lollies. Together, how many lollies do they have to share? If Sam has 2 lollies, and Sylvia has 4 lollies on Tuesday and Wednesday too, how many lollies do they each have? What is the total number of lollies that Sam and Sylvia share in three days?               the answer is 6                

I know it is correct because Sam has two lollies and Sylvia has four lollies.

John The Hippo

  learning intention- we are learning to write a narrative  story.                      John The Hippo.
A long time ago there was a hippo named John he lived in a River  with her mother named Ally. ally made breakfast for 
John so he eat and go to school
John     was at school. he  was Doing  art.  after school John 
Play his Game  on his play Station. he showed his art to His  mother .then There was Two Kids named mark And Keven  thay where Playing Tag outside John House . then John said I will play on my play station but then Thay said  can we play Two.but  John don't understand what  Mark is saying. oh you can;t under stand what I am saying  and keven is saying two .but then John  let them in his house.John let them play first because he know how to share.but then  mark let  John  play instead 

RE Activty- by Ofa

L.I-W.A.L.T -carry out the church  mission of service to people.
S.C. I am successful when  I can tell  people in parish carry  out out the church 's mission of service.

 1.People are serving  other as Jesus did by 
feeding the  people Who are hungry.

2 .People are servings  other  as Jesus did by 
helping the sick People.

3.People are serving others as Jesus did by 
helping the Homeless.

4.People are serving other s as Jesus did by 
giving  people food.

All about Me. by Ofa

Learning Intention- we are learning to write a recount .
success criteria- I am successful when I  can write a recount .
                    All about Me.
Hello My name is Ofa I was born in April  7 2009 I have 5 sisters  and 5 brothers  my favourite  fruit is apple . I have 2 uncles and 1 cousin .I like KFC .I like sports like tennis,rugby,soccer and batmington  my favourite  subject is story writing .

 my favourite movie is  the great's show man. I like  fruit like  apple,orange and banana my

shellfish- by Ofa

L.I- we are learning  to write a argument.
Success Criteria-  I know I  am successful  When I can give my idea to my argument. 
What is cockles?
Cockles are shellfish. thay also be found  at the beach  

Why are cockles  disappearing ?
Cockles  are disappearing because the people who are picking them up thay are doing the bad thing.If cockle are out of the Water  thay will die.

What can we do about it?
I know  cockles are found in new Zealand  but cockles 


letter Invitation By Ofa

Learning Intention- We are Learning to  Write a invitation .
Success Criteria -I am Successful When I can Write a Invitation.

                                     letter Invitation.
Dear Miss Thompson. We Invited you to my house to talk about the fencible.

1. What kind of  reading do thay read?
2. What class and year are they ?

3.How Many teacher are there?

4. how many cases are there ?

5. what kind of writing do they write?

Hulk and Warsaw -by Ofa.

Learning Intention-We are Learning to write a narrative story.
Success Criteria- I know I am Successful. when I can write  a narrative story with full stop and capital letter. Hulk and Warsaw

Once upon a time  in a tree filled forest lived
a enormous  bright Green purple fire breathing 
dragon named Warsaw .He is lonely . Because 
he had no friends .people think's he was scary. but he heard a sound . it was a person named john  he was never scared of dragons so  he look After Warsaw  . he also  gave him food to Warsaw and the person  became friends.  and he had a big crash so a  Super Hero  named hulk  so he saved  Warsaw and john.he was not scared of dragon like what john  Warsaw and  john was safe so thay became a family together. the end. 

Mission Day -By Ofa

Learning Intention - We are Learning to write  persuasive writing
Success Criteria I am  Successful when I can write  persuasive writing.

                       Mission Day

I agree that we need to celebrate Mission Day.  
first you go to church.
mission day  is where you  donate money  to the  Holy Angles in India. I love mission Day Because thay  Have lot of games to play. also there are pries  and raffle ,face painting and  lucky dip .  also you watch a movie and  we had popcorn.

we had lots of  fun at mission Day. mission day  is the day we celebrate Because it  mission day  is like a fun day. thay have drink and ice block. I love mission day . I had fun at mission 

A visit To the stone cottage- By Ofa

Learning Intention- We are Learning to write a Recount .
Success Criteria- I am successful when I can write a Recount.
have you ever went to a stone cottage before ?
                              A visit to the  stone cottage.            
Today Room 6 went to the stone cottage  to look at the old thing''s at the stone cottage.

the wolf and the seven little kids-ByOfa

1 are goat scared of wolf ?                                        yes they are. many did the wolf ate? he ate eight  goat
 3.who thru the stone inside the wolf stomach?  the mothers kids.
 4.why did the wolf eat the kids in stead of one?  Because the goat was safe in the fathers clock
 5 why  did the wolf eat the kids? Because he was hungry

John my dog

Learning  Intention- we are learning to write  a poem.
success criteria- I know   I am successful when I can write a poem about My  dog.
brown fur-Black eye-white teeth and pink tung.

like to play with cat and kid's

hate's rabbit and mouse.

enjoy the sky and the sun.

scars of my Dad being angry.

Resident of pamnure Auckland.

My Time With Grandma - By Ofa.

Learning Intention - We  Are Learning  To Write a    about  My time  with Grandpa.
Success Criteria  -I am  Successful  When I can write about My time with Grandpa.

                             My Time With Grandma

On Tuesday  My Grandma and I Went to the  shop  and brought  some   Lollipop    Then  We  went to the 

Mission Day- Ofa

Learning Intention - We Are Learning to  Write A recount About Mission Day.


How Can you Be friends - By Ofa

Learning  Intention - We Are Learning to  Write About How To Be friend's .
 Success Criteria-  We Are Learning to  write   a explanation using   capital letter.

  Being  Friend's  are nice.  but bullying  is not nice    

Fruit Cup- By Ofa.

Learning to write an instruction
Success  Criteria -I am  successful when I can write   an instruction  Using  Word like First Second  and Third   then
                      FRUIT CUP

 next lastly and Finley.
     Ingredient. lettuces,pineapple,apple, kiwi fruit and cream.    
  First  wash hands.                                  Fruit cup.
Second wash  fruit.

Third  cut the fruit into bite size's.

then put it into a big bowl.
next's We put  cream and mix it up.
lastly  we get a lettuces and make it into a bowl. 
Finley you eat it.

euphrasie babier by Ofa