Thursday, 19 October 2017

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the New World Supermarket in Panmure.  I went with my sister and my Dad.  We went in my Dad's car.  First we bought vegetables for dinner and then we bought some other things.  After we had done our shopping we drove back home and ate our dinner.  

The following day I played 'Hide and Seek' with my brothers and sisters.  We had lots of fun playing.  Then we had a party at my brother's house.  At the party we had cake and drinks.  While we were there we went on the Bouncy Castle.  Then we had a water fight.  Later we went back home to visit my Mum because she had a baby recently.  I gave my Mum a lovely card and some flowers.  My Mum smiled at me when I gave her my card and the pretty flowers.