Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I went to church with my family.  At church we said, "Happy Mother's Day" to all of our Mothers. I love my Mum very much and she loves me.  After we said happy Mother's Day we prayed and listened to Father teach us about God and Jesus.  Next we had lunch  and we prayed before we ate our food.  Later we went back home and we ate some dinner.

Having A Kind Mouth

God, thank you for making my family and blessing them with kind mouths, kind hands and kind feet.  My family and I talk to each other and other people kindly.  This is how we show them respect.  This is what your son Jesus taught us to do.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Going To Baba's Birthday Party

On the weekend I went to my friend's birthday party.  His name is Baba  and he turned 8 years old.  I went with my family, except my dad didn't go.

At Babs's birthday party we had lollipops and some cake.  It was a Batman cake and it looked cool.  Then we ate lots of cake.  There were Batman, Spiderman, Hulk and Flash cakes. They tasted yum!  Then we had some more food.  After that I got to play on the slide with my friends.

Later we went back home and ate dinner.  I ate popcorn with my brothers and sisters, and my mum.  We watched a movie. It was a Sponge Bob movie.  We had a fun day at my friend's birthday party and eating popcorn.  Also, the movie was fun!