Friday, 2 July 2021

Life Cycle About Maggots.

Today I posted  a Life Cycle of Maggots because it's from a story about a girl who fell from the sky. 
The girl survived from a plane crash but got hurt. The wound got infected and flies laid  eggs in her wound that hatched into maggots. But the maggots were helpful because they ate the infected part and dead tissues of  her wound so it could heal.

Friday, 14 May 2021

All About Sailing.


Dear Diary,
Our class Room 8 went to Yachting New Zealand in Okahu Bay.  St. John's Rotary raised money for us so we could go sailing. I was very happy and excited at the same time.
Unfortunately, our bus was late because of the traffic and that made us feel annoyed. When we got to Okahu Bay, our sailing people introduced themselves to us. Then we were told to pick a partner for sailing. Then we were also told us what to do when your on a sailing boat.

After 15 or 10 minutes of morning tea we got changed into our wet suit. Our instructor told us  how to use the boat, why we were wearing a life jacket and why the boat is so important when you are sailing.    
We got into partners of two. We started to paddle until it started to move. The instructor told us to attach the rope to other students boat and they dragged us around behind their speed boat. It was a really fun day and I am glad I now know how to sail a small boat.

My Diary Entry

I was spending sometime by my self until a girl came into my life. I felt happy for the first time since I lived in this hotel. I was hoping to make friends with her. But I took her umbrella and started running. She caught me and I was trapped. She took the umbrella of my hand and I started to cry with tears and told her why I took her umbrella. The reason was because it reminded me of my own yellow umbrella my parents had given me. I told her about how my parents were in a car crash.  I felt sad that I was crying in front of her. She also felt sad about what happend to my parents and the umbrella. 

Friday, 9 April 2021




Jesus meets the King 
The soldiers took Jesus to the King and told him that he is not a Messiah. But the King said that he was a innocent guy. Other people told him to crucify him and told him that they want to get rid of him. The King told the soldiers to punish him and set him free but the people said it again... crucify him, we want to get rid of him my King. The King had no choice. The king told the soldiers to get rid of him and told him to die on the cross. Jesus received his cross and fell. People in Jerusalem were scared and they cried out loud. When they got up to the mountain the soldiers nailed him to the cross. It was so sad that he was going to die. Three hour later he took his last breath and died. When he died the sky went black for another 3 hours. When the sun rose the soldiers took him down and wrapped him up with a white cloth then Jesus' Disciples took his body to the temple and they closed the temple with a massive rock.

Monday, 22 February 2021

prayer for Christchurch by Ofa Makalio

 please lord look after the people who died in Christchurch earthquake  i hope they are doing well in heaven.lord look after the people who also survived in the Christchurch Earthquake and look after those people who are on the memorial wall.